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In the Echoes Podcast: An Interview with ZoneMusicReporter "Best New Artist" award winner Tom Eaton. He takes us from Buddy Holly to Tangerine Dream to Will Ackerman's Imaginary Road studios to ambient dreams.

reviews of "indesterren"

review from michael diamond / music and media focus:

"That Tom Eaton could produce two recordings of this caliber in the same year is astounding. Every song is an exquisite example of sonic architecture, perfectly composed, arranged, and performed. I really can't say enough about Tom's ability as an arranger and sound designer, with the way he is able to weave his electronic textures and other instruments into such superb soundscapes - truly stellar in every way. I have no doubt that although Tom Eaton is currently most known for his extraordinary work as an engineer and producer of other people's music, he will soon become known as one of the premier recording artists in the ambient music genre."

review from candice michelle / journeyscapes radio:

"Essentially ambient with subtle chill rhythms in parts, Indesterren is a profoundly gorgeous album that is surely destined to become one of my favorites. The wistfully haunting melodies herein seem to fully express without directly revealing a closely guarded emotional secret, often alluding to nights spent in solitude and pondering under the stars. As with Abendromen, Tom Eaton has created yet another masterpiece that is every bit as moving, mysterious and possibly even more stunning than its predecessor!"

review from hypnagogue:

"Tom Eaton has matched, if not bested, himself with Indesterren. From what was already a truly impressive start, his followup solidifies his place as an artist with crossover appeal. New Age and contemporary instrumental fans will love this, I guarantee. Ambient fans who don’t mind some solid touches in their drifts will likely fall under its spell as well. It’s absolutely relaxing, and a pleasure to deep-dive into with headphones. Sure to be a favorite, it’s a definite must-hear."


Interview by Michael Foster of Ambient Visions, discussing Tom's music, his work in the studio with Will Ackerman, some personal history and Tom attempts to explain hi album titles.


Interview by Robert Silverstein of wherein Tom attempts to shed some light on why it took him 25 years to release a followup album to his 1991 cassette.  The short answer is "he was practicing."

reviews of "abendromen"

"one of the top 25 of the year so far" john diliberto / echoes (during his july 2016 roundup)

"from composition to execution, this is a breathtaking set of work, easy to enjoy but rich, complex and beautifully structured"

"Tom Eaton's abendromen is a collection of songs that do not inspire introspection so much as demand my ears, that's the hallmark of a successful album... abendromen is a 'must-listen' for anyone who considers themselves to be even a casual listener of introspective instrumental music. For any long time listener of ambient music, however, [the album] is a must-have album."
Jeff Pearce (ambient musician, winner of Zone Music Reporter's Best Ambient Album 2014)

"Tom Eaton's restrained nocturnes attest to the power of simplicity - a piano sound to lust after, immersed in a suggestive, gauzy world of beautifully wrought electronics and guitar loops."
Tim Story (Grammy nominee and legendary ambient/minimalist composer)

"abendromen is a very happy surprise for those (like me!) who only knew or know Tom Eaton for his wizardry at Imaginary Road Studios. This is a very beautiful album of mostly ambient and ethereal music and is very highly recommended!"
Kathy Parsons (

"A New Age Ambient Classic!"
Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

"Tom Eaton has revisited his muse, spoken to the oracle and put pen to 5-lined paper to offer up the singular recording called abendromen. The audio quality on the recording is incredible, it sounds like something that may have been released by Windham Hill at the height of their popularity. It is in the developed tone, the precise phrasing, and the sumptuous compositions. We can add Tom Eaton to the list of piano greats that features Liz Story, George Winston and Scott Cossu."
RJ Lannan (Zone Music Reporter)

"abendromen is an album that has to be taken completely on its musical merit...this is not just another new age release, this is a well thought out, brilliantly composed and produced offering."
Steve Sheppard (One World Music Radio)

"abendromen is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous albums I’ve heard in a long time. Musically, it conveys thoughts and feelings that could never be accurately expressed with words while retaining a haunting quality of obscurity. Tom has crafted a masterpiece of the highest caliber that has already become a personal favorite and will certainly be hard to top among this year’s best recordings."
Candice Michelle (Journeyscapes Radio)