Echoes Interviews Tom

From John Diliberto, host of the syndicated Echoes program:

In the Echoes Podcast: An Interview with ZoneMusicReporter "Best New Artist" award winner Tom Eaton. He takes us from Buddy Holly to Tangerine Dream to Will Ackerman's Imaginary Road studios to ambient dreams.


Of the three longest running shows that feature the kind of music I do (Star's End, Hearts of Space and Echoes), Echoes has the largest audience... currently going out over 130 terrestrial stations and, of course, the web.  All three of these shows have played cuts from Abendromen and Indesterren, but John at Echoes did me one better by asking me to sit down and talk about my history and process.  The podcast linked above is the result.

John did an amazing job of weaving just the right music in...choosing favorite moments of my songs and songs by influences like Tim Story and Tangerine Dream, and work of mine for other artists like Erik Scott and Fiona Joy.  Thrilled that this podcast is now available to everyone.  There's even a little clip of Will Ackerman talking about how we now communicate in grunts while making albums together.

Sincere thanks to Echoes for the opportunity!

2016 ZMR Awards Show, Best New Artist

2016 ZMR Awards Show, Best New Artist

On May 13th I was in New Orleans to attend the annual Zone Music Reporter awards show.  Zone is the group that tracks ariplay for the new age genre and its many subcategories, at least some of which I fit into.  This year, in addition to records I mastered winning Album of the Year (Erik Scott, In the Company of Clouds), Best Contemporary Instrumental (Eski, again...greedy bugger), and Best Ambient (Jeff Pearce, Follow the River Home), Kathryn Kaye's lovely "There was a Time"  (produced by Will, Kathryn and me, and recorded, mixed and mastered by me) won Best Piano with Instrumentation.  At the end of the night they present the Best New Artist award, presented this year by Neil Tatar...who called my name!  I am so thankful to all the folks at radio who play the music...sharing this little dream of mine with other ears and other lives.  Eternally grateful for the recognition, and glad that 2016 marked a year of return to speaking with my own musical voice. 

we have to start somewhere

since 1987, when i first laid my hands on a roland juno 106, i have been thinking about sound.  in high school i explored the world of electronic music while developing a voice as an improvisatory pianist...and doing sound design for theatre shows.  in 1993 i opened my first commercial recording studio and now, 24 years later, i am fortunate to work every day creating music for myself and a huge number of clients, many of whom have recorded with will ackerman and me at will's imaginary road studios in vermont.  more to come...